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We believe
your choice of glasses
should change as the world
continues to changes.

World’s best face alignment technology and innovative mobile virtual fitting
created by experts from different fields,
such as eyeglasses, graphics, and programming.


World's Best Face Alignment

3D Face Alignment Commercialization Technology,
the latest AI achievement that estimates the 3D position and
direction information of the user’s face in 2D images,
provides world-class natural Virtual Glass Fitting experience.

ROUNZ's own commercialization technology enables
the rapid application of the latest achievements in deep-learning academia.
  • FACE DETECTION It detects the face quickly and accurately
    even in various wild conditions such as
    varying angles and brightness.
  • FACE LANDMARK DETECTION It captures the key points of the hidden face,
    even if the front face is not shown and the
    user is wearing glasses or hats.
  • 3D INFORMATION RETRIEVAL It is more accurate than human eyes in
    figuring out the direction or distance from
    the camera.

Best 3D Glasses Rendering

The best 3D glasses rendering that you can experience in mobile has finally come.

ROUNZ’s AR Technology Developed by Experts from Different Fields
  1. Tune information on the properties of glasses
    to accurately characterize different glasses based on years of experience in selling glasses online.
  2. Create 3D virtual fitting images that provide realistic experience.
  3. Extract the precise information needed for 3D rendering with deep learning AI technology.
    Produce 3D images which are efficient in mobile using the accurate results of AI analysis and
    ultra-light asset.
    Bring high-quality AR with natural composition of actual 2D and rendered 3D images.

Deep Recommendation through
Big Data Analysis

Big-data image analysis enables personalized glasses recommendation services
by predicting the latest trend and favorite style by face type.

ROUNZ’s AI Deep Learning Based Recommendation Technology

    • Facial Appearance Recognition Technology

      Use world-class facial shape recognition technology
      (used in virtual fitting).

    • Facial Meaning Analysis Technology

      Use embedded technology for face classification
      (used in the investigation tools of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office).


    • Glasses-Shape Analysis Technology

      Use the data set used in the production of virtual fitting asset
      as the AI module to learn the glasses.

    • Metadata Processing Technology

      Use metadata processing technology for glasses based on
      the information from eyeglasses specialists and web crawling.


    Use the AI module that calculates the best beauty score by combining various technologies, including facial image analysis,
    eyeglasses image analysis, metadata processing, and fashion trend analysis.


Innovatively Reduced Cost of
Virtual Fitting Asset Creation

We have revolutionized the production method of Virtual Fitting Asset to reduce the cost to 1/100,
so it is possible to commercialize mobile with a high-performance compressed representation method of less than 100KB for each.

ROUNZ’s Key Know-How for Cost Reduction
  • Conventional Method

    3D Graphics Experts Analyze Glasses through Complex Processes

    • 3D modeling
    • Texture Creation
      (2D diffuse, 3D normal, 3D specular,…)
    • Luminous Source Parameter Tuning
    (Semi) automatic modeling using a 3D scanner is not considered due to its low-quality issue.
  • ROUNZ’s World-Class Commercialization Technology

    Eyeglasses information is extracted from 2D images and 3D rendering assets are produced at low cost, so you can Virtual Fit all the glasses around the world.

    • Photograph glasses with a regular camera
    • Extract the information of eyeglasses
      from the photos taken
    • Create assets
      for reconstruction of 3D information
    Unlike fun-oriented camera apps, online shopping malls with a large number of items are conditioned by the size of asset data.
  • ROUNZ’s technology that visualize 3D glasses can commercialize Virtual Fitting with only 50KB to 100KB of a little information for each.
    ROUNZ’s Asset

Innovative Mobile Virtual Fitting Presenting
1000+ Styles at Your Fingertips

Experience the online eyeglasses shop in your own hands.


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