Eyeglasses including high performance prescription lens, ROUNZ STANDARD LENS

You will get carefully customized high-index 1.60 ASP lenses made by our professional opticians.

ROUNZ standard lens is not only super-thin and durable but also effectively blocks harmful blue light and UV.

Asian Fit Glasses Frame Free shipping from ROUNZ Korea store.

ROUNZ Free shipping to overseas countries at a low price.
After 2-3 days of lens processing, we will deliver it quickly by EMS for about 5 days without any additional charge! (except public holidays)

ROUNZ's Amazing Features Real-time Virtual Try On.

Get recommendations for a variety of eyewear, regardless of time and place, and try on your favorite products.
You can download the app on iOS and Android in the U.S.

ROUNZ App download

PD Measurement using AR technology.

Do you need to know your PD(pupillary distance) for prescription lenses?

With our iOS app, you can measure PD easily and quickly. No card or ruler necessary!