Rounz Terms of Use

Internet Shopping Mall “DeepEye Inc. Online Mall” Terms of Membership Service Article 1 (Purpose) Purpose of this terms of use is to set forth the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the online mall and the user, in the course of using the Internet-related services ("Services") provided by DeepEye Online Mall ("Mall") operated by DeepEye Inc. (e-commerce operator). * This terms of use will be applied to e-commerce using PC communication, wireless, etc., provided that there is no contradiction to its nature. Article 2 (Definitions) 1. "Mall" means a virtual business place that DeepEye Inc. has set up to trade goods using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services ("Goods, etc.") to users, and it also means the company that operates the online mall. 2. "User" means a member or non-member who accesses the “Mall” and receives the services provided by the “Mall” in accordance with this terms of use. 3. "Member" means a person who has registered as a member of the "Mall" and who can continue to use the services provided by the “Mall”. 4. 'Non-member' means a person who has not joined the membership but uses the services provided by the “Mall”. Article 3 (Disclosure, Explanation, and Amendment of Terms) 1. The "Mall" shall post the contents of this terms of use, the name of the CEO, the address of the offices (including the address where the consumer can handle the complaints), the telephone number, the facsimile number, the e-mail address, the e-commerce license number and the person in charge of personal information protection, on the initial service screen (front page) of DeepEye Online Mall Inc. to make it easily noticed by the users. However, the contents of the terms of use can be made available to the users through the link to the page. 2. The "Mall" shall provide with a separate link page or pop-up screen so the users can understand important contents such as membership withdrawal, shipping responsibility, refund condition, and shall obtain user’s consent prior to use. 3. The "Mall" may amend this terms of use, provided there are no violations to "Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.," "Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act," "Electronic Financial Transactions Act," "Electronic Signature Act,” “Law on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information," " Law on Visiting Sales, etc., " and " Framework Act on Consumers." 4. In case an amendment is made by the "Mall", the effective date and reason for amendment shall be specified and announced on the initial screen of the “Mall” together with the current terms, from 7 days prior to the effective date through the day before the effective date. However, if the amendment of the terms of use is made in a disadvantageous manner to the user, the notification must be made from at least 30 days prior to the effective date. In this case, the "Mall" shall clearly compare the details before and after the revision, and display it for the user to understand. 5. In case an amendment is made by the "Mall", the amended terms of use shall apply only to the contracts entered into after the effective date of the amendment, and the existing contracts are not subject to the amended terms of use. However, if the user who has already entered into the contract before the amendment opts in by transmitting the intention to be subject to the amended terms of use to the "Mall" within the notice period of the amendment terms of use under Paragraph 3 and obtains the consent from the "Mall", the amended terms of use may be applied. 6. The matters not specified in this terms of use and the interpretation thereof shall be governed by the “Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.,” the “Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act,” the "Consumer Protection Guidelines on Electronic Commerce etc." set by the Fair Trade Commission, and the relevant laws or the current commercial practices. Article 4 (Provision and Modification of Service) 1. The "Mall" performs the following tasks. a. Provide information on goods or services and consummate the purchase contracts. b. Deliver the goods or services for which the purchase contract is consummated. c. Other duties designated by the "Mall" 2. The "Mall" may change the contents of the goods or services to be provided by the contracts to be consummated in the future, in the event of discontinuation or changes in technical specifications of the goods or services. In this case, immediate notification shall be placed where the current goods or services are posted, specifying the contents and date of the changes. 3. In case of changing the contents of the service provided by the "Mall" due to discontinuation or changes in technical specification of the goods or services, the reason shall be immediately notified to the address of the user. 4. In case of the preceding paragraph, the "Mall" compensates the user for damages caused by this. However, this does not apply if the "Mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence. Article 5 (Suspension of Service) 1. The "Mall" may temporarily suspend the services in the event of maintenance, replacement or breakdown of information and telecommunication facilities such as computers, or interruption of communication. 2. The "Mall" shall compensate for damages incurred to the user or to a third party due to temporary interruption of service due to the reasons stated in Paragraph 1. However, this does not apply if the "Mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence. 3. In case the service cannot be provided due to the changes in the business area, the relinquishment of the business, or a merger with other business, the "Mall" notifies the user by the method set out in Article 8, and compensates the user in accordance with the method proposed by the “Mall”. However, in case the “Mall” did not notify the compensation standard, the compensation shall be made to the user in cash or in kind equivalent to the currency value that can be used at the “Mall” such as the mileage or reward points. Article 6 (Protection of Personal Information) 1. The "Mall" collects only the minimum personal information necessary to provide the service when collecting the user's personal information. 2. The "Mall" does not collect information necessary for the consummation of the purchase contract in advance. However, in order to fulfill the obligations under the relevant laws and regulations, it may require the specific personal information in cases where identity authentication is required prior to consummation of purchase contract. 3. When collecting and using the user's personal information, the "Mall" notifies the user of the purpose and obtains the consent. 4. "Mall" cannot use the collected personal information for purposes other than the specified purposes, and when a new purpose of use occurs or it is shared with a third party, it notifies the user of the purpose of use and sharing at the stage of use or sharing and obtains consent, unless otherwise stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations. 5. In case the "Mall" needs to obtain the consent of the user pursuant to Paragraphs 3 and 4, the information specified in Paragraph 2 of the Article 22 of the “Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc.”, such as the identity (affiliation, name, telephone number, and other contact information) of the person in charge of personal information protection, purpose of collection and use of information, details on sharing of information with a third party (party who will be shared with the information, the purpose of the information sharing, and the information to be shared), etc., must be disclosed or notified in advance, and the user may withdraw the consent at any time. 6. The user may request to review and correct its personal information stored by the "Mall" at any time, and the “Mall” is obligated to promptly take necessary measures. If the user requests correction of the error, the "Mall" shall not use the personal information until correction is completed. 7. For protection of personal information, the "Mall" should limit the number of personnel who handle personal information of user to the minimum, and shall be fully responsible for any damages from the loss, theft or leakage of user's personal information, unauthorized provision, and alteration, including credit card and bank account. 8. "Mall" or a third party who has shared the personal information from it will promptly destroy the personal information when it has attained the purpose of collecting or receiving the personal information. 9. The "Mall" shall not set the consent section about the collection, use, and sharing of personal information as pre-selected. In addition, the service that gets limited shall be explicitly disclosed when the user refuses to consent to the collection, use, and sharing of personal information, and shall not limit or decline the services based on the user’s refusal to consent to the collection, use, and sharing of personal information which are not required. Article 7 (Obligations of the "Mall") 1. The "Mall" shall not perform the acts prohibited by laws and regulations or the acts contrary to public order and standards of decency, and shall do its best to provide goods and services continuously and reliably as stipulated by this terms of use. 2. The "Mall" shall have a security system to protect user's personal information (including credit information) so that users can safely use Internet service. 3. The "Mall" shall be liable to compensate for the damages caused to the user by displaying improper advertisement prescribed in Article 3 of the “Act on Fairness of Indications and Advertisements” for goods and services. 4. The "Mall" does not send out commercial e-mails for marketing purposes without consent of the users. Article 8 (Obligations of the users) The user is prohibited from the following acts. 1. Registration of false information when applying or modifying 2. Stealing the Information of others 3. Changing information posted on the "Mall" 4. Sending or posting information (computer programs, etc.) other than information set by the "Mall" 5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as the copyrights of the "Mall" or other third parties. 6. Acts that impair the reputation or disrupt business of the "Mall" or any other third parties. 7. Disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voices, or any information that are contrary to public order and standards of decency. Article 9 (Relationship between the connecting Mall and the connected Mall) 1. When the upper level "Mall" and the lower level "Mall" are connected by a hyperlink (for example, the hyperlink includes characters, pictures, and videos), the former is referred to as a connecting "Mall" (website), and the latter is referred to as connected "Mall" (website). 2. If the connecting "Mall" displays in a pop-up window or on the initial page about the fact that it does not bear the guarantee responsibility for the transaction performed with the user by the goods provided independently by the connected "Mall", it does not bear the guarantee responsibility for the transaction. Article 10 (Restrictions on Use and Ownership of Copyright) 1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for the works created by the "Mall" are the properties of the "Mall". 2. User shall not use the information obtained from the "Mall" for commercial purposes by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting and other methods without prior consent of the "Mall". 3. The "Mall" should notify the user when using the copyright belonging to the user in accordance with the terms of use. Article 11 (Resolution of Disputes) 1. The "Mall" establishes and operates the handling system for compensation for damages to reflect the legitimate opinions and complaints submitted by the user and compensate for the damages. 2. The "Mall" will deal with the complaints and comments submitted by the users with high priority. However, if prompt processing is difficult, The "Mall" will promptly notify the user of the reason and the estimated processing schedule. 3. When there is a request for relief for the damages from the user concerning the e-commerce dispute between the "Mall" and the user, the dispute may be subject to the arbitration of the Fair Trade Commission or the dispute arbitration body requested by mayor or provincial governor. Article 12 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law) 1. The lawsuit concerning the dispute of e-commerce between the "Mall" and the user shall be based on the address of the user at the time of filing, or the jurisdiction of the district court having jurisdiction over the place of residence, if there is no address. However, if the address or residence of the user at the time of filing is not clear, or if the user is a foreign resident, the case shall be submitted to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Code. 2. Korean laws apply to the e-commerce litigations filed between the "Mall" and users. This terms of use will take effect on April 02, 2018.